Monday, November 30, 2009

It's me - Gloria!!!

Helloooooo, innernet friends, family & friends-to-be! I am Gloria the Duck.

When my cousin George the Duck offered me the opportunity to travel, I was thrilled. I didn't ask who I'd be visiting or where I'd be going, I just jumped in the plane, buckled up and got ready to fly.

I was so excited when I arrived at my destination. My airplane was opened and I met my new family. I have my very own cat, just like Cousin George! My cat's name is Buddy Longwhiskers. He is one of the Carolina Cats. They live in Bahama, North Carolina. It is not very far from Richmond, VA, where Cousin George lives with his cat Sanjee and his typist.

Right away, Buddy took me on a tour of my new home. It's called Happy Fields Farm, and many animals live there.
I met Max the horse...

...Buddy's brofur Finny and sisfur Jazzy...

...his Cousin Cavalli...

...Magic the Woofie...

...and Ruffian the Barn Kitty.

There's lots of work to do on a farm! I didn't want Buddy to think I'm a freeloader, so next time I'll show you all the jobs I learned.

Hugs & Quacks from your friend Gloria


  1. Gloria, it looks like you're having a great time with your cat Buddy and the rest of the family. That's super! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures on the farm. *ducky hugs*

  2. Hello Gloria!! Brother and I are very excited to read about your adventures, we have a duckie too, Baby Duck. She isn't allowed to blog tho, we think she's too young and impressionable to spend time on the web. Maybe you and George could look out for her if she really wanted to blog someday.


  3. Hi Gloria, nice to meet you! We don't know your cats, the Carolina Cats, but if George trusts them enough to send you there then they must be good kitties!