Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow in North Carolina

Helloooo Furends & Family!

A few days ago it snowed a whole lot here at Happy Fields in North Carolina.

My cat Buddy wasn't allowed outside, even though he would like to go eat grass. But his mombean took me with her out to visit the horses. It was very cold!! The snow was very wet, and even though I am a duck and I like water, this was not like good swimming water that feels good on your flippers.

Look what my Cuzzin George's typist made for him so he wouldn't be cold and wet. Don't you think my cat Buddy's mombean should make me some nice (pink) snow clothes?
Please come back for my next post - I went on a trip!!
Hugs & Quacks,


  1. Oh Gloria you definitely should have some nice pink snow clothes! I think you should stay away from the cold snow til you get some.
    *ducky hugs*
    your cuzzin George

  2. Hi Gloria!!! ::wavin paws::

    Sammy, Miles, Billy and Nicholas